Maintaining Your Older Car in Tampa, FL

April 25, 2021

The government mandates a lot of equipment on cars in Tampa, FL: emission devices and control computers, safety equipment like airbags and crash worthiness requirements. All of this is great for the Tampa motoring public, but it does add quite a bit to the price of a new vehicle.Because new vehic... More

Water Everywhere (Clogged Drains)

April 18, 2021

It's bad enough when you mistakenly leave a window open in your vehicle on a rainy day and you find your carpet soaked. But what in the world is going on when your windows are closed tight, not leaking and you STILL wind up with wet carpet? The answer could be something you might not even know y... More

Don't Be Shocked (Shock Absorbers)

April 11, 2021

If you've ever ridden down a rough road on your bicycle, you know how hard a ride it can be. Yet drive down the same road in your car, truck or SUV and it miraculously will smooth out the ride. That's because it is equipped with shock absorbers. They are built to dampen impacts from road irreg... More

The Easy Way to Save Cash in Tampa

April 4, 2021

The hottest FL news story may be different every day, but there's one topic that seems to come up over and over again the price of gas in Tampa. If you feel like most of your paycheck goes into your gas tank, this post is for you. Here are several basic things people in Tampa can do to greatly ... More